Most Realistic VIRTUAL STAGING For Realtors and Investors

If you want to know how Virtual Staging can be an asset to you and your clients, you must first understand the process of traditional home staging. Home staging is a huge differentiator in the real estate profession and has been for decades. When effectively staged, most properties sell well over the asking price. Therefore, staging a listing is an essential part of selling a home.

Real Estate Agents and Investors may choose to purchase, rent, or borrow furniture and décor to enhance a listing. However, this can be costly, time-consuming, and extremely labor-intensive. People are visual creatures and emotionally driven. This means they are more likely to buy when presented with a clean, fully finished, and furnished home.

A vacant home can be challenging to sell because potential buyers find it difficult to see themselves living in that space. Potential buyers want to see a variety of options and possibilities that a home space can offer them. In addition, they are seeking confidence and validation about a future purchase.

The challenge is that traditional home staging can potentially reduce a realtor’s profit unless they have an agreement to pay their Stager when escrow closes. Virtual Staging can mitigate a potential deficit brought about by traditional home staging as an alternative and effective solution. Virtual Staging highlights and reduces the time that it usually takes to close a sale.

Virtual Staging 

Sell Your Homes Faster And For Top Dollar

Vacant Home Staging

The Staging Studio helps realtors, investors, and home owners earn top dollar for their listings.

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Virtual Staging

The most realistic and affordable virtual staging services available in the marketplace today.

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Investor Packages

The Staging Studio stages for some of the Central Valley’s most active real estate investors. 

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It's All About How You Feel!

Best Virtual Staging Service For Realtors

The Staging Studio is the Leader in Virtual Home Staging.

Did you know that our virtually staged listings sell close to 80% faster than average and that virtually staged homes deliver about 20% more over asking price?

Over 85% of our client’s find that their buyer’s find it easier to make a decision when they can visualize a virtually furnished home.

We transform a wide variety of properties into stunning homes so your buyers can see the true potential of how they can turn their dreams into reality. 

We offer compelling 3D exterior and interior renderings to showcase your listings in the best light.